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Utah Jazz is having a party! A draft party!

Ryan Smith is a king for this one

Los Angeles Clippers v Utah Jazz Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Al Gore’s internet has done it again, we’ve peer pressured another billionaire, this time it’s our beloved Ryan Smith, Utah Jazz’s governor. After multiple tweets about not having a draft party, Ryan Smith finally saw a tweet from @JiggaJazzman and caved. The pressure worked and the Jazz are having a draft party!

Where: Delta Center

When: June 22nd @ 5 PM MST

What: Telecast of draft plays on Jumbotron while getting to hang out with fellow Jazz fans

Why: Because free J. Dawgs! Ryan didn’t just ok a party, he’s funding some dogs for the people

This is a great opportunity for Jazz fans to eat a good meal, watch a great draft, and sit in the house Larry built. Draft parties are a core memory of my younger years as a Jazz fan, I highly recommend bringing kids. There is a special feeling in the Delta center, don’t mind the mildly ugly black and highlighter yellow court. Take a look at the banners and soak in the history that’s seeped into every inch of that hardwood.

It should be noted that this draft will be an extremely fun draft for Jazz fans, regardless of who we draft. This draft has it all: Generation talent Victor Wembanyama going #1, potential trades involving star players like Zion Williamson as soon as #2, and unique talents like Bilal Coulibaly and Anthony Black going right around where the Jazz might be picking. It should also be noted that we have Danny Ainge, a noted draft finagler.

***It shouldn’t need to be said but, if you’re at the draft party, please don’t boo the pick! The second the pick is announced it is time to cheer as loud as you can to welcome our new guy to Utah***