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Report: Utah Jazz have made Collin Sexton available in trade talks

If the right move comes along, it appears Danny Ainge will make a move

Los Angeles Lakers v Utah Jazz Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

According to Jake Fischer, the Utah Jazz have made Collin Sexton available in trade talks.

In the article above, Fischer mentions all the different draft buzz, and then just as a small aside, added this line.

Utah has made guard Collin Sexton available in trade talks around the league, sources said.

How’s that for a side note? The important thing to remember is a player being available in trade talks is different than a trade actually happening. Perhaps Ainge is trying to see the value around the league and what he can get? Could Sexton be used in a possible trade to move up in the draft? I’m not sure that Sexton would be enough to move into the top ten, but maybe it can get the Jazz into the late lottery? Tony Jones recently tweeted about three players that would be difficult to get from the Jazz.

The interesting name missing from that list? Collin Sexton.

We’ll see if there’s any sort of trade coming for the Young Bull, could something be coming on draft night?