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Utah Jazz sign Omer Yurtseven

I love a good 3 point shooting big man from Turkey

NBA: Orlando Magic at Miami Heat Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz are signing a Turkish center! No, not Enes Freedom, formerly known as Enes Kanter. No, not a 44 year old Mehmet Okur (I wish). The Jazz are signing former Miami Heat big man Omer Yurtseven. Omer is a 25 year old 7 footer who played college ball at Georgetown; he was plagued by injuries last year and only played 9 games with very few minutes. Omer averaged 4.4 PPG, 2.6 RPG, and shot 42.9% from three (very limited attempts).

I am certainly intrigued by Omer, health will be the concern. He shoots the ball well, which is always a plus, a backup center that can show a different look isn’t a terrible idea. Omer’s contract is very simple, he won’t be playing every game and will need to work hard for his minutes. Will Hardy’s one season has shown him get max effort from everyone not named Rudy Gay, Omer staying healthy and learning from elite coaching could see him show something.

Don’t take it from me, listen to NBA writer Keith Smith (genuinely a really smart NBA guy)

Omer is likely the last bit of our salary cap for the 2023 season. In my opinion, a backup center should probably be the least-paid player on the team. Omer is signing a 2-year contract, his first year is 2.8 million partially guaranteed. I wouldn’t be shocked if Omer stays healthy and is a value contract for Utah. It wouldn’t be the first time good ol’ Danny Ainge has done that.