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Report: Lauri Markkanen expected to renegotiate his contract with the Utah Jazz next offseason

It seems very likely that Lauri Markkanen in on the Jazz long term

Utah Jazz v Sacramento Kings Photo by Loren Elliott/Getty Images

According to Michael Scotto of Hoops Hype, he expects Lauri Markkanen to renegotiate his contract with the Utah Jazz this upcoming offseason.

The report comes from the latest Hoops Hype Podcast that you can listen to here.

Scotto and Gozlan talk about the possibility of the contract being renegotiated and Scotto says “I’m expecting it to happen.” Scotto mentions different options the Jazz have that they could do is get him to the max in different ways, but he said that it’s a “lock.”

The other interesting thing that’s mentioned that holds weight with this is that they reveal Markkanen has bought a house in Utah. That’s something that really holds weight when you consider if a player is looking to stay long term with a team. Never forget the time Deron Williams bought that house

For the Jazz this is fantastic news as they continue building this new chapter of Jazz basketball. Markkanen has been the cornerstone of everything they’ve done and his positional fluidity, combined with his impressive variety of skills, makes him just the type of player the Jazz should invest in as they look for that second star to play with him.

For a team that has exciting young players in Walker Kessler, Ochai Agbaji, Keyonte George, on top of proven veterans in Collin Sexton, Jordan Clarkson, Kelly Olynyk, and John Collins. Oh, and we haven’t even seen Taylor Hendricks and Brice Sensabaugh yet.

This Utah Jazz team is as deep as anyone in the league and with Lauri Markkanen likely being a part of it long-term, there’s no reason to believe they can’t be a force sooner than later.