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Keyonte George, Taylor Hendricks cleared for all on-court activities. Brice Sensabaugh still recovering from knee surgery

The Jazz young rookies are finally ready to play, just in time for training camp

2023 NBA Summer League - Los Angeles Clippers v Utah Jazz Photo by Candice Ward/Getty Images

According to Tony Jones, Keyonte George, and Taylor Hendricks are cleared for all on-court basketball activities.

This is great news for Utah Jazz fans and means that the injuries to both George and Hendricks weren’t particularly serious.

Considering George’s ankle turn during summer league, this is important. That ankle turn was nasty, and there was a moment when it wasn’t clear just how bad it would be.

Something else to consider with this is that it will allow George and Hendricks to get in elite shape for the upcoming season. George has famously dropped a lot of weight during the draft process, which has led him to show off his elite skillset. With his ankle now healed, he can get back to that level of fitness for the upcoming season.

The news for Hendricks is also good news. Hendricks injured his hamstring during the draft process, and it kept him from the entire summer league. A hamstring strain can take a long time to heal. Hearing that he’s ready to go is great news and means the Jazz can finally get an even better look at Hendricks and incorporate him in everything they want with their systems. He can also start building chemistry with his teammates.

The Brice Sensabaugh news is interesting, and we’ll obviously be watching to see when he’s available. The knee surgery for Sensabaugh is definitely a setback, and it could hinder his chances to see the floor much this season, but the Jazz and Sensabaugh are smart to make sure the knee heals completely. Sensabaugh was a steal at the spot the Jazz drafted him, and there’s no doubt the Jazz would like to invest in him long-term. It will be interesting to see if he’ll be ready come training camp, which is still 6 weeks away.