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The Utah Jazz schedule might help them get to the playoffs

Get ready for the Utah Jazz season, it’s going to be great

Utah Jazz v Charlotte Hornets Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

The upcoming Utah Jazz season is creeping closer a little more every day. The thing that gets us through these long summer weeks without basketball are the markers along the way. The latest one just happened, the NBA schedule release!

The Utah Jazz did a great job with their schedule appearing to team up with @artbutsports on Twitter. Check it out!

Now for the full schedule. Below you can see the full schedule for the Jazz.

In total, the Jazz will have 7 national games if you include NBA TV games. But let’s be honest, the ones that matter are the TNT and ESPN games. In total, the Jazz will have 2 which is not as much as Jazz fans would like. Here’s how that stacks up against other teams and their national TV totals.

NBA Season Schedule
The Athletic

The Jazz don't have the least and are being given at least some respect this season compared to last, when it was expected they would be one of the worst teams in the league. Can the Jazz outplay their expectations again? It seems like the schedule might be leaning in their favor.

Here are some great insights from Andy Larsen about the schedule.

This amount of advantages could legitimately lead the Jazz to maybe 3-5 additional wins. Yes, the Western Conference got better this year, but so did the Jazz. And if they are playing fresher more often, with the amount of depth they have, the Jazz could easily weather the 82-game season better than most.

The 2023 NBA season starts on October 25th, just 10 weeks away. It won’t be long until training camp and preseason are here.