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Recreating my worst Utah Jazz memory - Miachael Jordan’s “The Last Shot”

Remembering one of the worst memories of my Jazz fandom

A few months back, I did my favorite Utah Jazz memory, and it made me wonder what was my worst memory as a Utah Jazz fan. Well, it’s Michael Jordan’s “Last Shot,” and it ripped my heart out and left me as what I am today, a heartbroken fan. From this moment on, I’ve wanted nothing more than another shot at that title. In essence, this was my Jazz blogger origin story. If I’m the villain, this is what started it.

One of the things about these Jazz teams was just how much I loved them. I loved John Stockton like he was a distant relative. I worshiped Karl Malone after him signing a picture he provided for me at a book signing at Barnes & Noble. I had been crying because all my dad had to sign was some pamphlet he had picked up. I had no idea athletes could bring their own pictures to sign (likely brought by the team). But when you’re a kid, you don’t know, and you don’t care.

To love that team that much and see them falter warped my view of everything. Thanks, Sports! Anyways, here’s a recreation of my pain, enjoy!