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Philippines vs. Angola preview

Clarkson with this type of usage rate is a blast

Dominican Rep v Philippines: FIBA World Cup 2023 Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images

Jordan Clarkson plays basketball bright and early tomorrow morning. Clarkson and the Philippines national team play tomorrow against Angola’s national team. We’re still early into FIBA group play, both Angola and the Philippines are 0-1 to start World Cup action. After group play the tournament will be set, Clarkson is gonna do everything he can to help get his team there.

The Philippines are coming off a heartbreaking loss to the Dominican Republic. Clarkson went for 28 points, 7 assists, and 7 boards. The Philippines national team led the game at times and Clarkson went hard for a win but ultimately couldn’t do so, here’s to hoping things will turn around for both Clarkson and the Philippines tomorrow against Angola.

I’m not gonna tell you who you have to root for but I’ll tell you why you probably need to root for Jordan Clarkson and the Philippines national team. Here’s a comprehensive list of all the reasons why rooting for this team is fun.

1.) Clarkson is playing extremely hard! I’ve already read at least one tweet complaining about Jordan Clarkson being “gassed” for training camp. To that I’ll say, I don’t care. Besides injuries, I do not care how many minutes Clarkson plays in FIBA this summer. Look at how much Clarkson cares and how bummed he is after fouling out late in their loss on Friday.

2.) They’re playing in the Philippines. The home team in a country that doesn’t have a huge presence in the NBA definitely deserves a couple of wins and makes it easy to root for them.

3.) The Philippines is 1 of 3 countries representing Asia in the World Cup. The NBA is becoming increasingly more global and it’s exciting to see it reach further into different countries.

The game will be exciting regardless of who you root for, it’s exciting to see Jordan Clarkson playing basketball. He’s a gem on and off the court for the Utah Jazz. I’m glad we don’t have to wait until October to see him play again.

Who: Philippines vs. Angola

When: Sunday, August 27th @ 6:00 AM (The AM is not a typo)

Where: ESPN+