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NBA Trade Rumor: No one is untouchable for the Utah Jazz, will take a lot for Lauri Markkanen

The Hoop Collective had a lot to say about the Utah Jazz

Toronto Raptors v Utah Jazz Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

On the most recent Hoop Collective Podcast with Brian Windhorst, Tim MacMahon, and Tim Bontemps, there was a lot of Jazz talk and some interesting insights into what’s going on with the Jazz and their recent hot play.

On the podcast they talked about how well the Utah Jazz have played but Tim MacMahon provided a window into how the Utah Jazz front office views the recent play of the Jazz and if it affects things. MacMahon mentions that the front office is happy with how the team is playing but the recent stretch of play for the Jazz doesn’t affect the big picture for the team.

They went on to talk about how no one on the Jazz is untouchable in trade talks. Players like Kelly Olynyk and Kris Dunn were mentioned but the big name they talked about is Lauri Markkanen. MacMahon says the chances are slim that Markkanen gets moved because of how much it would take to get him. If someone gives the Jazz an offer they’d be dumb to turn down is basically what it will take.

This coincides with what we’ve heard with other reports. The question is, will a team out there be willing to give up a king’s ransom of picks for Markkanen? We’ll find out.

It’s also good to hear that the Jazz are not overreacting to the recent level of play. It’s the same mindset they had when the season began when the Jazz were underperforming. That type of front-office stability is a huge thing for this team going forward and will help them make better moves more often than not.