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Breaking: Lauri Markkanen Receives Player of the Week Award

As Western Conference Player of the Week, the big Finn bolsters his case for an All-Star nod.

NBA: Denver Nuggets at Utah Jazz Christopher Creveling-USA TODAY Sports

Things are starting to happen, Jazz fans. For the first time since October 27, 2023 the Utah Jazz boast a .500 record. For the first time since December 6th, 2021, a Jazzman has won Western Conference Player of the Week:

It goes without saying that Lauri Markkanen has been one of the main contributors to the ongoing Jazz win streak, and it’s good to see him get some recognition. True to form for him as a Jazzman, he’s getting buckets from everywhere on the floor and is proving extremely difficult for opposing defenses to stop.

The Jazz will need him to continue to put in work as they face a tough Indiana team tonight.