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Jazz vs. Pelicans recap: Jazz get smacked by the Pelicans

No need to discuss the score for this one

Utah Jazz v New Orleans Pelicans Photo by Layne Murdoch Jr./NBAE via Getty Images
Lake Hale Lake Hale is a staff writer for SLC Dunk, covering the Utah Jazz since 2022. He currently is a communications major at Utah Valley University and has been watching Jazz games since he was 9 years old

Jazz lost to the Pelicans, the final score is a lot to not. The defense was abysmal, an unhealthy mix of really poor defense and the Pelicans shooting lights out. The Jazz fall to 22-23 on the season, and the Pelicans advance to 26-18. There are a couple of positives we can talk about, and let’s talk about some negatives too while recapping this latest Jazz game.

Positive #1

Collin Sexton is still really good since taking the starting point guard spot. Sexton scored an efficient 22 points and added 7 assists. His improvement has been all over his stats, even more impressive is the things stats won’t really show you. He has become significantly more confident from deep while keeping all the hustle plays. Collin has scored 20+ points 7 games in a row now.

Negative #1

I shouldn’t talk about it on a Jazz fan site but this Zion dunk was filthy.

Positive #2

Walker Kessler had 4 blocks, he wasn’t great offensively but we’re talking positive here. Walker is really good at blocks, he is growing as a defensive presence and a rim protector. The time for him to be back in the starting lineup is nigh.

keep in mind that while there is a foul called on this play, it was challenged and overturned to a successful block

Negative #2

Kelly Olynyk left in the 4th quarter with a shoulder injury. We will hear more in the next few days and we’re certainly not here to speculate, but injuries in general stink. Wishing Kelly O a quick recovery.

Positive #3

Keyonte George is driving the ball more, this resulted in 10 free throw attempts. Driving the ball is one thing, getting fouled is another. When he combines this with a consistent jump shot I am sure we will see him back to 20+ minutes a game.


This game reeked, it wasn’t pretty and by the second quarter, you could tell things were gonna be tough. The Jazz HAVE to get better on defense, if it’s by trade or if it’s by coaching doesn’t matter. The game was full of blown rotations, poor rebounding, and some serious miscommunications.

Up next

The Jazz play the Wizards on Thursday