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NBA trade rumors: Utah Jazz interested in Dejounte Murray and Miles Bridges?

The Utah Jazz also appear willing to trade Jordan Clarkson and Collin Sexton at trade deadline

Atlanta Hawks v Utah Jazz Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

According to Jake Fischer, the Utah Jazz are “considered both a buyer and a seller” at this trade deadline.

Utah is interested in Dejounte Murray

According to Fischer, Jordan Clarkson, Collin Sexton, and Talen Horton-Tucker are considered available for trade. He also mentions that the Jazz have interest in Dejounte Murray as an interim point guard as they develop Keyonte George.

From Fischer’s article:

The Utah Jazz are being considered both a buyer and seller at this juncture, with ball-handlers Jordan Clarkson, Collin Sexton and Talen Horton-Tucker considered available for trade, sources said. And while the Jazz are confident in rookie Keyonte George’s fitness as their point guard of the future, the Jazz have also registered interest in several veterans, including Murray, sources said, to possibly hold the position in the interim.

This holds with some of the other rumors we’ve seen, but makes it seem like the Jazz are getting more involved with moves as the trade deadline draws near. Murray is a good point guard but has not been a good fit in Atlanta next to Trae Young. The asking price for Murray sounds like two picks and a young player, is that something the Jazz want to give up for an interim option as George develops? Ainge and Zanik might not be willing to do that, but they do have young players, like Collin Sexton that could get a trade like that going. Would Atlanta be willing to take on some of Utah’s worse picks to make it happen?

Utah has “called on” Miles Bridges

According to Jake Fischer, the Utah Jazz are one of several teams who have called on Miles Bridges with the Charlotte Hornets.

From Fischer’s article:

The Jazz are also one of several teams who’ve called on Charlotte Hornets forward Miles Bridges, league sources told Yahoo Sports, along with Detroit and Phoenix. Bridges would have to be consulted prior to any deal, as he received a no-trade clause when he signed a qualifying offer from Charlotte. While there was originally league-wide skepticism that the Hornets would be able to retain Bridges this summer, Charlotte’s newfound flexibility, creating as much as $45 million in upcoming cap space by dealing Rozier, could push an interested team in trading for him now, as opposed to leaving Bridges available to re-sign with the only NBA club he’s known.

This is a tricky one because of who Miles Bridges is as a person. And just to be clear, he is a terrible person who pled no contest to assaulting the mother of his children in front of them. Personally, I would be very dissapointed if the Jazz brought Miles Bridges onto the team.

But this doesn’t say they’re interested, it says they’ve “called on” which could mean a variety of things. Maybe they’re interested in trading for him on the cheap as the Charlotte Hornets are apparently open for more business...

Or this could be as simple as the Jazz calling Charlotte to touch base and see what they’re doing, it could also be they asked them what his trade value is. There’s no way to know exactly what this is because this is a game of telephone through sources with “called on” being the approved wording from whatever source this is.

It’s also important to remember it’s trade deadline, which means this could also be smoke screens. GMs hoping to up the value of a player, or create a bidding war, might leak something to get other teams to pony up what they want. So if Charlotte wants more from Detroit for Bridges, it helps them to make the Pistons bid against another team.

Trade season is heating up and I’m sure we’ve only just begun with trade rumors coming out.