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NBA trade rumors: New York Knicks interested in Utah Jazz guard Jordan Clarkson

The Knicks are interested in Jordan Clarkson and the Jazz are ready to make a move

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Utah Jazz v New York Knicks Photo by Evan Yu/Getty Images

According to Tony Jones, the New York Knicks are interested in Utah Jazz guard Jordan Clarkson and the Jazz won’t hesitate to make a move if the price is right.

From Jones’ article:

The NBA trade deadline is less than two weeks away and the phones for the Utah Jazz have been ringing. A lot.

That makes sense. The Jazz have the short-term contracts, the talent and the assets on their roster that make them attractive to the rest of the league. They have a front office that isn’t afraid or won’t be hesitant to make a move if they deem that move is right for the franchise.

League sources indicate that Jordan Clarkson and Kelly Olynyk are garnering the most interest. This is independent of star forward Lauri Markkanen, who is coveted around the league, but from a Jazz perspective is as close to an untouchable as a player can get.

In Clarkson’s case, the New York Knicks are among the teams showing interest.

This lines up with the other rumors we’ve seen surrounding Jordan Clarkson and Kelly Olynyk. The question is what would the trade actually be?

As we have covered before from Ian Begley, the Jazz have an apparent interest in Quentin Grimes and could make salaries work if they took on Evan Fournier’s contract. In a possible trade like that, the Knicks would surely need to send Utah a first-round pick. Clarkson is the superior player to Grimes, and it takes care of the Fournier contract. Although that Fournier contract is going to expire this season, so that doesn’t really create leverage for the Jazz, it really comes down to Utah giving the Knicks Jordan Clarkson. With the Knicks and Jazz having some voltage trade history with the Donovan Mitchell trade breaking down last offseason, can they figure out how to make this work?