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NBA trade rumors: Utah Jazz made offer on Dejounte Murray

The Utah Jazz were one of a few teams that make a solid trade offer for Dejounte Murray

Golden State Warriors v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images

According to Jake Fischer, the Utah Jazz and the Los Angeles Lakers were the only teams that made actual offers on Dejounte Murray. You can hear the conversation at the 41:00 minute mark here:

Fischer mentions that if the Hawks don’t get what their asking price is, it’s possible they just keep him, and that it’s “50/50” for the Hawks to trade Dejounte Murray.

Fischer goes on to say, “Could it be Utah? Maybe. Could it be one of the other ten teams the Hawks say they’re talking to? I haven’t been able to find ten, I’m weary if that number is that robust.”

This matches the rumors we’ve heard that the Jazz have an interest in Dejounte Murray, but this confirms there was an actual offer, not just the Jazz making a call. As was mentioned before, the Jazz appear like they could be both buyers and sellers this deadline and would like to get a point guard on the team that can help bridge the gap to when Keyonte George takes the reins to the offense. George has shown huge amounts of promise but still has work to do polishing his game and his shooting, as most rookies do. We’ll see if the Jazz pull the trigger on a trade like this, but Fischer mentions that it’s only if the amount the Hawks ask for is met.