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NBA trade rumors: Utah Jazz consider Jordan Clarkson, Collin Sexton, and Kelly Olynyk available assets

The Utah Jazz appear willing to trade Jordan Clarkson, Collin Sexton, and Kelly Olynyk

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Utah Jazz v Charlotte Hornets Photo by Brock Williams-Smith/NBAE via Getty Images

According to Matt Moore, Jordan Clarkson, Kelly Olynyk and Collin Sexton are routinely described as available assets for the Utah Jazz.

From Moore:

The Jazz are active in the market, with Jordan Clarkson, Kelly Olynyk and Collin Sexton routinely described as available assets. Interestingly, the talks suggested by sources are not for future draft capital. The Jazz, sources say, called the Nets to inquire about Mikal Bridges, though they found the same impossibly high bar to clear in return.

Utah seems to be pursuing upgrades to the roster and not rebuilding moves.

Olynyk, in particular, is highly sought after in the market. He’s a backup center in a market in which everyone wants size help for the playoffs who can also shoot, pass and defend. Miami has shown interest in Olynyk in the past, though with their recent seven-game slide, one source said, “No one knows what the hell Miami is going to do in the next week, as much as we know what any team will do.”

This matches many of the other rumors we’ve seen, but it’s interesting to hear more about the Jazz looking to pursue upgrades to the roster and not just rebuilding moves. If this is how the trade deadline plays out for Utah, it seems they are looking to pursue players that fit the team's philosophy and style of play rather than more draft picks.

Right now, the Jazz are holding a lot of draft capital, and you can see scenarios where it’s hard to play all of the assets they’re collecting. This season, they’ve already had issues not being able to play Taylor Hendricks as much as they’ve wanted, and they haven’t been able to play Brice Sensabaugh at all. Moving those three players would make sense for Utah if they want to play their young players more, but that might lead to more losses this season, which would mean a chance of not conveying their first-round pick to the Oklahoma City Thunder, something they definitely want to do.

We’ve seen the Dejounte Murray rumors piling up, which would be a player the Jazz bring on to bridge the gap for when Keyonte George is ready to take on the full-time reins as the starting point guard. George is close, but he’s not quite there yet with his shooting but this would match some of that same philosophy.

With trade deadline looming, this could all be smoke screens, the Jazz just doing their due diligence, or it could be the precursor to a crazy trade deadline, we’ll see how this pans out!