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NBA trade rumors: multiple teams interested in Simone Fontecchio

The question is, would the Jazz be willing to trade Fontecchio?

Oklahoma City Thunder v Utah Jazz Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

According to Zach Lowe, multiple teams are interested in Simone Fontechhio in this NBA trade deadline. You can listen to Zach Lowe and Time MacMahon here, the conversation begins around the 51:00 minute mark.

In the podcast, Lowe says that teams are “definitely interested in Fontecchio” but he says he doesn’t know what the Jazz’s plans are for him.

It’s not surprising to hear teams are interested in Fontecchio; he’s turned into a good rotation player this year, playing solid defense on the wing while shooting a high percentage from three. He’s also shown an ability to drive the ball and move the ball within the offense, making him a desirable piece to any team.

Of course, this is just interest from other teams, but there’s no way to know if the Jazz are interested in moving him. Fontecchio is a restricted free agent next season on a rookie contract so he has a lot of value. It’s probably not likely the Jazz would move him for the fact he brings so much value at such a good number ($3.04M for this season). Considering that value, the Jazz would most definitely hold him through next season at the least, unless a team makes a big offer for him.