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The five most likely Jazz players to be traded at the deadline

There may be a lot of buyers interested in Utah’s veterans

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Clippers Photo by Jay Metzger/NBAE via Getty Images

The Utah Jazz are 26-26 as they approach the trade deadline. Although trade rumors have swirled around the team, no moves have been made yet this season. The Jazz have a mix of young players and veterans, and almost every contract on the roster is very tradeable. The Jazz could be a rare and valued seller in a market with many potential buyers. This deadline could be exciting for the Jazz.

The question then becomes, who might the Jazz trade? We know Danny Ainge’s philosophy that no player is entirely off-limits. We also know that some of the players, namely Lauri Markkanen, Walker Kessler, and Keyonte George, have high enough price tags to make trades for them unrealistic. Outside of those three and the other rookies and sophomores, it feels like every player is known to be available. Some will be more desired, while some will be more inexpensive. Based on their production, rumored availability, contract tradeability, and trade interest, I’ve attempted to rank the top five most likely Jazz players to be traded this week.

5. Collin Sexton

Oklahoma City Thunder v Utah Jazz Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images

Collin Sexton has been very good for the Jazz this season, especially since rejoining the starting lineup. His 17.5 points on 61% true shooting per game will be enticing to many teams. Sexton brings value to the court with his rim pressure, playmaking, and energy. He may be the most desirable player on the Jazz that is realistically available. That said, his $17M contract, while not bad value, isn’t relatively as easy to trade for as some of the other players Utah has to offer.

4. Kris Dunn

Oklahoma City Thunder v Utah Jazz Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Kris Dunn is everything that winning teams want. He’s an elite defender, a willing, intelligent passer, an excellent veteran mentor, and cheap. Even the most capped-out teams can find trades for players on minimum contracts like Dunn’s. Some team with enough need for a perimeter defender could very well offer valuable draft compensation for him.

3. Jordan Clarkson

Milwaukee Bucks v Utah Jazz Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Jordan Clarkson is a known commodity. He has torched every NBA team at some point, and every team has wished they had a bench scorer like him. He’s available. He’s in all kinds of rumors. He also seems somewhat checked out on the court in recent games. The signs all seem to point towards a Clarkson trade on the horizon. He makes $23M this season, but his contract takes a steep dive afterward, so trading for him would require a matching salary, but his contract is still quite valuable moving forward.

2. Kelly Olynyk

Philadelphia 76ers v Utah Jazz Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Kelly Olynyk has been a valuable player for the Jazz over the past two seasons. The Canadian big man is an underrated reason for Utah being better than expected. He’s the type of player that can provide value for any team because he does a bit of everything. He’s a shooter, a passer, an interior presence, and an overall smart player. He’s been in trade rumors for months, and his $12M salary is a very easy number to match with for trades. Some team that wants to be competitive will likely trade for him.

1. Simone Fontecchio

Utah Jazz v Washington Wizards Photo by Stephen Gosling/NBAE via Getty Images

Simone Fontecchio is starting on a competitive NBA team and is shooting 39% from three while playing solid defense. He’s also only making $3M per year. That’s the type of player every contending team would like to add to their roster to shore up holes on the wing or to be depth insurance in case of injury. There will likely be many calls to the Jazz that ask about him.

Honorable Mentions:

John Collins: I believe he’s fully available, and I’m sure there are a few interested teams, but his $25M salary kept him from being traded for a couple of years, and it will likely continue doing that.

Talen Horton-Tucker: I could see a trade for THT coming out of left field, but as of now, it’s hard to imagine many teams looking to add him.