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NBA trade rumors: Philadelphia 76ers interested in Kelly Olynyk?

The Sixers could potentially be interested in Kelly Olynyk of the Utah Jazz

Milwaukee Bucks v Utah Jazz Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

On the latest Hoop Collective Podcast, Brian Windhorst talked about Kelly Olynyk as an example of someone the Sixers could look at this season as they wait for the return of Joel Embiid. You can hear the conversation here and it starts around the 45:00 mark.

It’s an interesting idea and when Brian Windhorst speaks, you have to listen, especially after the infamous “What is happening in Utah?” situation.

We know that many teams are interested in Olynyk, and the Sixers have every reason to look at Olynyk as a stop-gap until Embiid returns from injury. And even when Embiid comes back, Olynyk is a 40% three-point shooter who moves the ball on offense and can score in isolation.

The question for Utah is what can they get in return? The Jazz gave Paul Reed an offer last offseason and a trade straight across works. Or would Utah be more interested in draft picks? We’ll see if anything materializes as trade deadline creeps closer and closer.