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Utah Jazz 2024 NBA trade deadline grades: how did the Jazz do?

A couple grades for the Utah Jazz trades

Utah Jazz v Phoenix Suns Photo by Kate Frese/NBAE via Getty Images
Lake Hale Lake Hale is a staff writer for SLC Dunk, covering the Utah Jazz since 2022. He currently is a communications major at Utah Valley University and has been watching Jazz games since he was 9 years old

Jazz trade grades

Simone Fontecchio to Detroit for Kevin Knox, Gabriel Procida, and the Wizards 2nd round pick.


The Wizards 2nd round pick will most likely be a top-40 pick. Gabriel Procida is still playing in Italy where he can develop. Kevin Knox might be something? This grade is more of a reflection of what that 2nd round pick can become. Paul Millsap, Draymond Green, and Marc Gasol are all great examples of 2nd round picks who have turned out to be really good players, depending on how that pick turns out will depend on how the grade is. Adding the pick in a trade can create value as well.

Kelly Olynyk and Ochai Agbaji to Toronto for Otto Porter Jr., Kira Lewis, and a 1st round pick.


Friendly reminder that a B is a passing grade, this not being an A+ really revolves around Ochai and his age. Giving up a player as young as Ochai can always be a dangerous risk. The value of a later 1st round pick can play a big role in the future of the Jazz, like trade #1 it can be paired with a player or more picks to add value to trade. Kelly Olynyk was also one of our best players, his role will not be filled in the return.