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Mychal Lowman has written for Salt City Hoops, The Utah Jazz Blog, and SLC Dunk over his internet blogging history. He has been credentialed by the NBA in 2013 and 2014, and was the first "Jazz" media member to interview Rudy Gobert. Mychal has been writing about the Utah Jazz since 2010 when he first started with TrueHoop's Salt City Hoops and the Daily Dime Live. He has been a part of SLC Dunk since 2011 and Site Manager since July 2017. In his almost ten years covering the Utah Jazz he has seen Al Jefferson be acquired from the T-Wolves, Gordon Hayward drafted, Jerry Sloan retire, D-Will be traded to Brooklyn in exchange for Derrick Favors, Ty Corbin hired, the Core 4 benched, Big Al make the playoffs for the first time, Rudy Gobert drafted, Ty Corbin fired, Quin Snyder hired, Dante Exum drafted, the Core 4 unbenched, Enes Kanter traded, Joe Ingles go from undrafted to starter, Gordon Hayward make the All-Star team, the Utah Jazz upset the Clippers in the playoffs by a Joe Johnson miracle, Ricky Rubio traded to Utah, Gordon Hayward leave then change his mind then decide to leave again, Donovan Mitchell drafted, the great in-season comeback of 2017-2018 for the Utah Jazz, 'continuity', see the Jazz lose in the 1st round to Houston, Derrick Favors be traded, Mike Conley traded to Utah, Bojan Bogdanovic signing with Utah, and Donovan Mitchell play for Team USA in FIBA.

Donovan Mitchell still carrying Utah Jazz one year later

Despite an active offseason, Donovan Mitchell still shoulders the burden of Utah’s offense.

Utah Jazz get another shot at closing out series against Denver Nuggets

After an emotional 48 hours aimed at making an impact for police and criminal reform, Utah must now go through the whiplash of another potential closeout game against Denver.

NBA players demand action, not words as Clippers, Lakers vote to boycott season

NBA players demand action, not words as Clippers, Lakers vote to boycott season in response to Jacob Blake shooting. Raptors and Bucks are among those pushing for a shutdown as well.

REACTION: Utah Jazz Assistant Coach Johnnie Bryant headed to New York Knicks

Johnnie Bryant is slated to become part of Tom Thibodeau’s coaching staff as Assistant Head Coach.

TWIST: Juwan Morgan to get the start for Utah Jazz in place of Mike Conley

Let’s get cRaZy

Who will be the Utah Jazz’s Kyrylo Fesenko in the 2020 NBA Playoffs?

With Bojan Bogdanovic and now Mike Conley out, who will become Utah’s FESENKO?

Utah Jazz should focus on player development first, playoff wins second

The Utah Jazz have a special opportunity in the Bubble and it’s not a chance at a championship.

Utah Jazz take on Denver Nuggets, Jamal Murray returns to court

The Utah Jazz are back in action after their Salt Lake Stars fueled outing yesterday

The Utah Jazz shutdown the NBA, tonight they reopen it against the New Orleans Pelicans

It’s been a long four months

Utah Jazz take on Brooklyn Nets in Monday Matinee scrimmage

We don’t know who plays for Brooklyn anymore either.