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Adam Bushman is a staff writer for SLC Dunk, covering the Utah Jazz and the NBA since 2020. He holds a bachelor's degree in statistics and data science. Adam brings a data driven approach to his journalism, positing fresh ideas and unique angles supported numerically. He has also contributed to podcasts and YouTube channels with Jabber Jazz.

5 elements to watch for as Utah Jazz season winds down

The All-Star break promotes reflection on the season to date and initiatives for the home stretch. We look into 5 elements to keep an eye on.

The best fit for Kelly Olynyk and trade partner for the Utah Jazz no one is talking about

Many trade partners are surfacing for the Utah Jazz and a host of suitors for one Kelly Olynyk, but one team makes the most sense on both fronts and no one is talking about them.

Making sense of Collin Sexton’s latest surge

The Utah Jazz are showing out and Collin Sexton’s surge is at the heart of it. We work to make sense of the results that highlight his inherent attributes and what fuels his pursuit of excellence.

5 observations from Utah Jazz lineup duos

Exploring the results of Utah Jazz lineup duos to date, we discuss 5 observations and work to derive any insights therefrom.

7 plays describing Hendricks’ gaudy plus-minus from last night

The Utah Jazz outscored the New York Knicks by 25 points during the 20 minutes Taylor Hendricks took the floor. We review film of 7 plays that may help contextualize a very noisy stat

The In Season Tournament will change the trade market

Trade season officially kicks off in December but doesn’t heat up until late January. That may very well change due to the In Season Tournament.

John Collins is getting right in his rebound season with the Jazz

John Collins’ start to the season confirms he’s getting right after a pair of lingering injuries resulted in last year’s abysmal season prompting an offseason trade landing him in Utah

Keyonte starting is a great step in addressing Utah’s woes

The Jazz have a serious turnover problem, but took a great step in the right direction last night by starting Keyonte George. Let’s dig into why!

Lauri Markkanen’s new season focus

Utah’s versatile, 7 foot forward Lauri Markkanen has demonstrated a new focus early in his seventh season and it’s paying dividends

Observations from Utah’s first outing

Utah struggled in their first outing and while one game doesn’t a season spell, we dig into observations of what went wrong and what went right