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The Downbeat - #2052 - The Utah Isn’t So Bad Edition

Once you get to know Utah, you love it. What else can be done to bring players to Salt Lake City?

The Downbeat #2042 - The I’m Not Joking Edition

The Jazz have a problem. They have multiple bona fide stars.

The Downbeat - 13 February 2017 - #2034 - The Don’t Forget To Buy A Valentine’s Present Edition

Ads, money, luxury tax, and Quin Snyder all make an appearance.

The Downbeat - 6 February 2017 - #2030 - The Smell The Roses Edition

Let’s all take some time to appreciate where we’re at as a team and where we’re going.

The Downbeat #2000 - Yes, really, 2000 of these

Even Coach Sloan is surprised.

The Utah Jazz announce new jerseys and new logos.

Jazz update their jerseys for the coming season.

Utah Jazz Announce Extension for Coach Quin Snyder

The Jazz will have Quin Snyder locked up for the foreseeable future.

The Downbeat #1888 - The Questionable Edition

What does the return of Alec Burks mean to the Jazz going forward?

Alec Burks brings down the house

Oh, and the Jazz got the win too.

Jazz fade late and fall to the Pelicans

Not a good night for the Jazz as they drop a winnable game to the Pelicans.