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Downbeat #1673: The summer league is back.

Summer league and Joe Ingles are back.

Enes Kanter asks out of Utah.

Following Utah's loss in Dallas, Enes Kanter and his agent ask to be traded by the end of the All-star break.

Rising Stars rosters announced

The Jazz will send Trey Burke, Dante Exum, and Rudy Gobert to the NBA's Rising Stars game.

The Downbeat #1531: Exum or Burke?

Now that Exum's starting, what's next for Trey Burke? Also, who's the next Jazz All-star?

Utah Jazz have signed Elijah Millsap

Elijah Millsap has made it to the NBA, following in his brother's steps to the Utah Jazz.

A special Thanksgiving edition of the Downbeat

When does the Jazz defense start to improve? Why is there this gif of a turkey?

Enes Kanter will become restricted free agent

The Utah Jazz and Enes Kanter were not able to come to an agreement on an extension. Kanter will test restricted free agency waters next summer.

Rudy Gobert comes up big for France in win

The underdog French Men's National Team came up big late, holding off Spain in large part to Rudy's Gobert's stifling defense. That plus how are the Jazz commemorating the 40th anniversary of the team?

The Jazz have signed point guard Toure` Murry

After a couple of weeks of speculation, the Jazz have signed the former Knicks point guard. Where does he fit in?

The Downbeat #1430 "Finally a Jazz schedule" Ed

We have a schedule. And now we wait. The long wait.