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Taylor is a lifelong follower of the Utah Jazz, raised on Stockton and Malone. He has been writing about the NBA since 2016, and has been covering the Jazz at SLC Dunk since 2017. Taylor also handles social media for SLC Dunk, including graphics, video, and the occasional good meme.

What will Mike Conley’s role be on this Jazz team?

As one of the few remaining veteran players in Utah, what will Conley’s role look like in a rebuild?

5 things to look forward to this Jazz season

In a season that will look much different than years past, here are a few things that Jazz fans can get excited about

Who will be on the Jazz roster when the season starts?

The NBA season tips off in just over a month, what moves do the Jazz have left?

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The Unforgettable Era of Donovan Mitchell

The Donovan Mitchell experience has come to and end in Utah, and what a ride it has been

Donovan Mitchell, the New York Knick??

With trade negotiations already under way, it seems the inevitable has already begun.

Can Donovan Mitchell lead the Utah Jazz?

With Rudy no longer beside him, can Donovan Mitchell take full rein of the Jazz, and possibly through a rebuild?

The Utah Jazz transformation is under way

New coach, new jersey... new players coming?

Could the Utah Jazz rebuild around Rudy Gobert?

What would a rebuild around Gobzilla look like?

Rudy Gobert named to 2022 NBA All-Defense First Team

Gobzilla tabs sixth straight All-Defense first-team honors

The coming weeks will define this era of Jazz basketball

With the current roster most likely down to their last few weeks, it’s time to put up, or blow up.