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Taylor is a lifelong follower of the Utah Jazz, raised on Stockton and Malone. He has been writing about the NBA since 2016, and has been covering the Jazz at SLC Dunk since 2017. Taylor also handles social media for SLC Dunk, including graphics, video, and the occasional good meme.

Jazz never trail against Lakers, snap five-game skid

Utah picks up a much-needed win for playoff positioning and morale

Is there any hope left in this Utah Jazz team?

Literally hobbling into the playoffs, is there any juice left in this team to make a real playoff push?

Can Nickeil Alexander-Walker be a difference maker for the Utah Jazz?

Coming off a great performance, can NAW make an impact on this squad going forward?

Bojan Bogdanovic has caught fire

What does it mean for the Jazz going forward if he can maintain?

The Jazz look different since the All-Star break, and that’s good

The Jazz have shown some much-needed toughness in the past three wins, but will it continue on and into the playoffs?

NBA Trade Deadline Day is Here

After making some moves yesterday, the Jazz might have more up their sleeve

The Utah Jazz stand at a crossroads

At their low-point of the season and the trade deadline approaching, the future of this Jazz era hangs in the balance

How will the remainder of this season go for the Utah Jazz?

Injuries, Covid, and trade rumors: how will this Jazz team survive the rest of the season?

Where do the Utah Jazz go from here?

At the current low point of their season, will the Jazz shake things up or continue to press forward hoping for improvement from their current roster?

Can Rudy Gay play the “small-ball five” for the Jazz?

The Jazz won’t have a choice for the next few games it looks like.