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SLC Dunk -- Best Posts of the Off-Season Part 5

We wrote a lot, you may have missed some good stuff. Here are some "can't miss" posts from July 15th to 28th.

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Holy sweet zombie Xenu there are a lot of these this time around . . .

Date Topic Title of Post
July 16 Statistics How did the Jazz score last season?
July 16 Jazz Players Comparing Heat G Dwyane Wade and Jazz G Alec Burks: And why it's okay to have high experctations
July 16 Videos Alec Burks Rookie Season Mix by MemoIsMoney
July 16 Strategy Does a relationship exist between three point shooting and playoff success?
July 17 Jazz Players Saying Hello to Mo Williams
July 17 Jazz Roster Larry Coon reminds us that the Amnesty Deadline ends tonight at Midnight
July 17 Olympics Andrei Kirilenko's father in law had 26 and 6 in the Bronze Medal game in 1980
July 18 Jazz Roster Amnesty Aftermath - Which teams used theirs? Which teams did not?
July 18 Jazz Roster Improving Internally and the probabilities of stardom
July 19 Jazz Roster Building a Championship Front court: Do the Jazz have it?
July 20 Fun Stuff Happy 21st Birthday Alec Burks! Jazz fans, here are 21 reasons to celebrate!
July 21 Summer League Jazz Alec Burks or Nets MarShon Brooks -- who did it better?
July 21 Jazz Players Busting the Myth that Jazz Bigman Enes Kanter is a bust
July 21 Jazz Roster Raja Bell buyout on hold, as he's currently in India
July 21 Jazz Players What is the Market Value for Raja Bell?
July 21 Jazz Players Brainstorm better nicknames for our players
July 21 History Even more proof that John Stockton was better than Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, or Gary Payton
July 22 Fights BDL's Freeman does good by learning about Utah, but what can we Jazz fans learn about the rest of the NBA?
July 22 Statistics A deeper look into the difference between Devin Harris and Mo Williams from deep
July 23 NBA General Which player who moved to the Western Conference this off season do you most fear?
July 23 Jazz Players Jazz forward Marvin Williams - and why I'm getting cautiously optimistic about him
July 23 Jazz Roster Utah Jazz Roster after Foye Signing (w/ contracts and position info)
July 24 Fun Stuff SLC Dunk wishes Karl Malone a very happy 49th birthday
July 24 Fun Stuff The Days of #47 Parade
July 24 Jazz Players Jason Walker (SB Nation Hawks blog) helps us learn more about Marvin Williams
July 24 Statistics The Jazz like to add "Jazz Killers" to the roster; are Mo, Marvin, or Randy Jazz killers?
July 25 Jazz Players Randy Foye Officially signs, but is he a PG, SG, or Combo guard?
July 25 Statistics Are Mo Williams and Randy Foye, as a backcourt, lesser than the sum of their individual parts?
July 25 Jazz Players Saying Goodbye to Andrei Kirilenko
July 25 Strategy Floorspacing and the Ten different types of three point shooters
July 26 Strategy Looking back at Jeff Hornacek, three point shooting, and the concept of a Green Light game
July 26 Schedule Utah Jazz 2012-13 Schedule Quick Notes
July 27 Fun Stuff Happy Birthday DeMarre Carroll!
July 28 Jazz Roster Is there a relationship between Team Success and Average Player Draft Position?

We had three birthdays this month (I don't even remember if we tracked them in August . . . . eep) We also added a lot of content about our new additions. And yes, even more three point shooting topics, in this batch we have the 10 different types of three point shooters, and if there is a relationship between three point shooting and playoff success. The Jeff Hornacek green light game makes me wonder about this year's team. Who will likely be allowed to have a green light?

I like the last one, one the team success / draft position thing. Moni game me the idea for it, and I think it's a pretty interesting topic.

And whatever you do, don't miss Clark's Days of #47 parade post. An instant classic!