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SLC Dunk -- Best Posts of the Off-Season Introduction

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The initial idea for this section of the webpage was to give readers a place to stop by and read something that they may have missed. All of us at SLC Dunk worked very hard this entire off-season to produce new, original content every day of the off-season. I don't believe there was even a single day where no one posted anything, Quite the contrary, even though the Utah Jazz were bounced from the playoffs early in four games, and we only had one draft pick (#47) we all worked hard to make sure people had something new to read.

We posted frequently. And we posted a lot. And to be fair to you readers -- you may have missed reading something. Not every post is going to be highlighted in this section, just the ones that either took a new look at an old problem, a good solid post full of effort and research, or just something that was undeniably awesome. We have long posts in this section, and short posts too. It's a variety of what we did here at SLC Dunk over the off-season.

There are posts welcoming in new players and saying good bye to departing ones. There are posts looking at Xs and Os, and posts talking about our feelings. There's some hard core analysis, and some good laughs.

All stuff we worked hard on, that are truly the BEST posts of the off-season. Hey, it's a nice trip down memory lane for me; and for someone who maybe took the summer off, it's a nice way to catch up on some stuff that went by when the last thing on your mind was basketball.

Please enjoy this.

Actually ladies and gentlemen, I don't think I'll be able to sort though all the downbeats in time before the season starts. I don't know if anyone is even checking out this section or not. I did put in a few hours to do these 16 posts. And, as stated above, you can check out all The Downbeats here.

Instead I'm going to use my time to do other things for the site to make it better, and bring some more original content your way!