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SLC Dunk -- Best Posts of the Off-Season Part 9

We wrote a lot, you may have missed some good stuff. Here's some "can't miss" posts from August 29th to 31st.

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We finish off the rest of August with Part #9:

Date Topic Title of Post
August 29 Jazz Players I try hard to write something positive about Raja Bell
August 30 Jazz Players The voting results of the 3 on 3 Team
August 31 Reader Polls What's more unlikely to ever happen again (season averages for players)
August 31 Free Agency Tom Ziller Ranks the 2013 Off-Season Free Agents, see where the Jazz players rank
August 31 Jazz Players Enes Kanter - One year in, has your opinion of him changed?

There really wasn't much over the last few days of the month. I try to make a case for not burning Raja Bell at the stake. We look at who we picked to be on the Jazz 3 on 3 Tournament (Derrick Favors, Gordon Hayward, and Alec Burks), while we argued about what historical Jazz season type for a player is least likely to happen ever again. The last two were pieces on Enes Kanter one year in, and where Tom Ziller thinks our free agents for next season would rank.