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SLC Dunk -- Best Posts of the Off-Season Part 10

We wrote a lot, you may have missed some good stuff. Here's some "can't miss" posts from September 1st to 14th.

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Now we begin the last month of the Off-Season! Wow, I can't believe we made it!

Date Topic Title of Post
1 September 1 Jazz Players Jazz 3 on 3 Team - Who gets to represent: the youth or the veterans?
2 September 1 Front Office Scott Layden to take job as Spurs Assistant GM
3 September 1 Reader Poll Which of these departing players will you miss the most?
4 September 3 Jazz Players Paul Millsap is amazing
5 September 3 Jazz Players Paul Millsap 's Evolution is also amazing
6 September 3 Fun Stuff Karl Malone's family is having more fun than yours (NSFW)
7 September 4 Jazz Players Why the Utah Jazz team will beat their 1st round opponent
8 September 5 Jazz Players Biggest Franchise Disappointment - Morris Almond
9 September 5 Video / Podcast SLC Dunk Podcast #1
10 September 5 Jazz Players Predraft Combine values for some of our players
11 September 6 Jazz Players Jazz 3 on 3 Team - Out in the first round!
12 September 6 Front Office Mike Saunders promoted, Brad Jones hired
13 September 7 Reader Poll Who on the Jazz will break out this year?
14 September 8 Reader Poll Which newcomer is going to make the biggest impact?
15 September 10 Jazz Players Do player rankings matter, and a look back at that "no star" Detroit Pistons team
16 September 11 Jazz Players Was Morris Almond supposed to fail?
17 September 11 Jazz Players Gordon Hayward is primed for a big season, can he reach 16 / 4 / 4 ?
18 September 11 History Jazz History: Overall playoff success
19 September 11 Video / Podcast SLC Dunk Podcast #2
20 September 11 Reader Poll Which Franchise is our biggest rival?
21 September 11 Fun Stuff Guess the Game Score 2012-13 Schedule
22 September 14 Fun Stuff Is 2K Sports Biased against the Jazz (and Karl Malone), or just Lazy?
23 September 14 Statistics NBA Elite Scoring, and being constructive about Al Jefferson

Yikes. This month seems boring in comparison of the previous awesome stuff. A few solid posts on Paul Millsap, Gordon Hayward, Morris Almond - and I think a very important one about Al Jefferson as well. Sandwiched between all that is the moving on of Scott Layden, promotion of Mike Saunders, and hiring of Brad Jones. Karl Malone's daughter does a crazy NSFW song, and our 3 on 3 roster is picked, and then picked apart. Boo-urns!