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SLC Dunk -- Best Posts of the Off-Season Part 11

We wrote a lot, you may have missed some good stuff. Here's some "can't miss" posts from September 15th to 28th.

Steve Dykes - Getty Images

Wow, the Off-season recaps are almost done . . . should be done later on today. We're not quite there yet, so let's recap the last few weeks : )

Date Topic Title of Post
September 15 Statistics Amar looks at PPS for the last decade, average goes down from 1.22 to 1.21
September 17 Jazz Team A reason for optimism
September 17 Statistics Jazz Wings - Where do they shoot from? Where do they score from?
September 18 Media ESPN NBA Player rankings reveal an interesting trend
September 19 Media SB Nation bloggers play word association game - see what they think about the Utah Jazz
September 20 Jazz Players I pretty much just trash Josh Howard here
September 22 Video / Podcast SLC Dunk Podcast #3
September 22 Jazz Preview Utah Jazz Season Preview #1
September 26 Jazz Preview Yucca's take on Al Jefferson
September 26 Statistics Sharing the Sugar on Offense
September 26 History Best Comeback in Jazz History: The Miracle in Miami
September 27 Jazz Preview Yucca's take on Paul Millsap
September 27 Media NBA TV's Northwest Division Preview of the Jazz is really 40 something seconds
September 27 History 1998 NBA Playoffs, Second round game 6: Lakers @ Jazz
September 28 Jazz Players Is Alec Burks destined to be the next Dwayne Wade or the next Larry Hughes?
September 28 Jazz Players Raja Bell is not be attending training camp

I can't believe we just went OVER these guys in real time! We had a bunch of fun this time around, for fun me being statistics. The PPS downgrade from 1.22 to 1.21; where our wing players shoot and score from; what the ESPN Player rankings say about our team; Yucca's take on Big Al and Paul; Media bias; and a special focus on Burks - is he Dwyane Wade or Larry Hughes?