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SLC Dunk -- Best Posts of the Off-Season Part 12

We wrote a lot, you may have missed some good stuff. Here's some "can't miss" posts from September 29th to 30th.

Only three really awesome things have happened (so far), so no table.

  • A good long look on the first option for the Jazz over the last 30 seasons. Yes, this is 30 seasons worth of data that I crunched. And we look at who the first option was (height, position, age, etc), what they did (how many games did they play, how many points did they score), and how they did it (fg%, PPS, USG% AST% TOV%, and offensive win scores). You should check it out here, it took a long time to get all the data. The facts are presented without commentary. The numbers do speak for themselves though.
  • If you did not notice the site has gone through a lot of changes, and some of them have made the site harder to use. Here's a quick guide from the Clippers blog that helps to explain what happened and how to do stuff. It's worth it to read, it helped me out and I spend the most hours at this site than anyone else in the world.
  • Last night we tried out the new "Story Stream" system for checking out how the site performs during a game night. You can see the results here. I'm happy with what I learned from the situation and I think this will help organize the posts on a game day, and make it easier for readers to find all the stuff that's important -- while not interfering with the normal daily operations of what we're doing here.