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SLC Dunk -- Best FanPosts of the Off-Season Part 1

All the FanPosts are amazing . . . but these . . . wow!

Kelvin Kuo-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

I love all the FanPosts. I should highlight them more. Here is just a bunch of them from the end of May through the end of June:

Date Username Title of Post Comments
May 21 Brett Hein I Got The Bad Crap: Quickmeme of Celtic Pride 7
May 31 ZooMass Rationale for "Tanking": Condolence from a Warriors Fan 242
June 1 bucimislover Casper Ware 17
June 7 dj baller Problems in keeping Al and Millsap 20
June 9 pacoelcid 4 Things That SLC Dunk Staff Should be talking about but Isn't 7
June 9 thatdoolinkid Which Box Does Hayward Fit in? 10
June 12 Dixon_D Seeing Al Objectively 238
June 12 clint.johnson.bball How to apply the OKC method of Building a contender to the current Jazz -- without three years of abject losing 14
June 18 pacoelcid Fantasy Basketball with the Best 50 NBA Players to Never win a title 1
June 18 thatdoolinkid How should the Utah Jazz Matchup? 15
June 18 BigBenSportsGuy Him or Him, Her or Her, It or It, whatever . . . The 2012 SLC Dunk thread 98
June 21 shandonfan A response to 1280's misguided segment 76
June 27 Irvs53 Rookie Minutes vs Team Record 1
June 30 UtahJazz Top Jazz plays that didn't make it on SC's top ten 2

Hope you enjoy them : )

And sorry if I missed a few, I'll keep trying to find all the best ones in time and highlight them!