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SLC Dunk -- Best FanPosts of the Off-Season Part 4

All the FanPosts are amazing . . . but these . . . wow!

Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

And now we reach the end of this part of the off-season review, the best FanPosts of September.

Date Username Title of Post Comments
September 1 pacoelcid What we Could see in 2012-13 or Lineup Cornucopia 2
September 4 jazzyman Why do you people think Corbin is such a bad coach? 158
September 5 casey jazz man I just about died when I read this…… 10
September 6 BillM7x7 Who's the most UNUSUAL Jazzman Ever? 20
September 9 Frank5 If YOU were Dennis Lindsey… what would your vision ? 37
September 11 Mkyroberts Where Vision meets reality (What can the Jazz Afford?) 49
September 13 Jazzfan12 Big Al should play 24 min/game - A subjectively objective minutes distrubition system 26
September 16 jazzyman Shut up 153
September 20 UTAHJAZZFANATIC! Five Things that could go wrong 14
September 23 casey jazz man Where does Hayward rank amongst West shooting guards this season? 23
September 23 casey jazz man An interesting look at our team (and players) assist ratio 6
September 30 pacoelcid The Larry H Miller Way 2

Man, what a while off-season it has been!!