Roster Lineup? Am I missing any contracted people?

  1. Deron Williams, Price, Gaines
  2. Raja Bell, Hayward
  3. CJ, AK, Jeffers
  4. Millsap, Evans
  5. Jefferson, Memo

The Downbeat - 13 August - The Almost Half-way Point of the Month Edition

  1. Jarron Collins is still available!
  2. We'll add a little nerdiness today. Using just prime numbers for jersey numbers, give me the best Jazz man of all time at each number. Here's a list,
  3. What we're all doing this month while waiting for the season,
  4. With Deron and KK's Dodge Barrage coming up, who would be your top-3 picks from the current Jazz roster for a team?
  5. A little change coming to the Downbeat tomorrow or Monday.

The Downbeat - 12 August - The KOOF Has Your Back Edition

  1. This question is akin to asking which of your kids would you save if you could only save one. Well, maybe not quite like that. But if only one of them could get into the HOF, which one would you send - Stockton or Malone?
  2. I would say when you think of a typical ballpark food, you would think hot dogs. What's the basketball equivalent? Nachos?
  3. I'm slowly preparing myself for Booze's return. Just going based off of the team's hardline approach to trade demands in the past, I'm not holding out much hope that he gets moved. Some have said that the other players will look past it and accept him back. I still think he was the major cause of strife in the locker room that led to the poor stretch of basketball. I don't know how that gets reconciled.
  4. Let's say Booze does get moved before the season starts or at the deadline. Who ends up being the leading scorer for the year? Deron is in the mix. Memo is there. Anyone else?
  5. Answer to #1 - The KOOF would ensure both of them getting in by dancing for the voters and hypnotising them with his moves.

The Downbeat - 11 August - The Downbeat Stops For Nothing Edition

  1. A couple of articles from the Juneau Empire when Carlos Boozer was up there doing his basketball camp, . He was able to give the whole interview and not talk about the current situation. I did like this statement: "In 2008, he helped lead the Redeem Team back to the top of the world"
  2. In one month, John Stockton and Jerry Sloan will be inducted into the HOF. What's your favorite John and/or Jerry moment?
  3. If you were going to name any of your kids after a Jazz player, who would it be?
  4. If you were able to ask Carlos Boozer one question right now, what would it be?
  5. Weird stat of the day. CJ Miles shot 32% on threes when the Jazz won last year. When they lost? He shot 38%.

The Downbeat - 10 August - The Countdown Clock Isn't Moving Fast Enough Edition

  1. New poll up on the right from the MTN. No, I'm not sponsored by the mtn.
  2. More pics from the race/shootout with Deron and Landis, This pic reveals the camera man for Deron's twitvids,
  3. This one won't be hard, but who's your all-time defensive Jazz team? I suspect only SG and SF would be up for debate.
  4. Over/Under for the number of times "hard work" appears in next months HOF induction speeches for Sloan and Stockton? 150?
  5. You might be a Jazz fan if...

The Downbeat - 7 August - The Getaway Edition

  1. See what happens when Twitter goes down? Now I've lost 90% of my off-season news. Man, I didn't realize how much I used it.
  2. I need a new poll. The Millsap one is way out-dated. Any suggestions?
  3. Now that the schedule is out, any preliminary dates for an SLC Dunk night?
  4. Inspired by JazzFanatical, what's your favorite Jazz poster? Does anyone have a poster where Stockon and Malone are actually together and not just superimposed?
  5. This topic intentionally left blank.

The Downbeat - 6 August - The Ninja Tat Edition

  1. So Deron covered up his No Guts tat with a serpent,, as he was tired of having people ask what it said. I'm assuming that he'll need to cover up No Glory. So I would ask you to tweet Deron @D_Will_8_4real and tell him he needs to cover it with a ninja. Nothing else would do. Unless it's him dunking over CP3
  2. So after Riley's comments about not feeling comfortable about the whole Boozer situation, it's looking more and more like Booze will be back, at least maybe for the first part of the season. If that is indeed the case, who will start, Booze or Millsap?
  3. Thatnks to @AllThatAmar for the link to this pic of Fess: He does look bigger. I hope he has some good surprises when he shows up to camp this year.
  4. Now that the roster is mostly set and now that we've seen the roster, give me your optimistic and pessimistic prediction for wins this season.
  5. Not counting MJ, who's the #1 Jazz killer of all time?

The Downbeat - 5 August - The Big 3 Edition

  1. Those numbers from yesterday (11.1, 10.3, 9.3 -- 25.5, 16.2, 18.5 -- 20.7, 18.6, 19.2) were the Magic 9 lotto numbers that would have netted you about $65M. Too bad you didn't figure that out. Of course you would have had to have rounded, but I couldn't make it that easy, right? Coincidentally, they happen to also be the RPG per 36, the PPG per 36, and the PER for Karl Malone, Paul Millsap, and Carlos Boozer respectively in their third seasons. Millsap has had a better FG% and blocked shots per 36 than the other two. FT% is almost dead even.
  2. So @lockedonsports challenged @emaynor3 to see who could have the most followers on Twitter by Friday. The loser has to buy lunch. At the time, Locke was ahead about 70 or so. As of this morning, Locke is at 1,384 and Maynor at 1,581. That's what happens when @D_Will_8_4real has everyone add you. So sign up for twitter if you haven't done so and follow @emaynor3 and then add Locke after Friday. The whole thing reminded me of when Elaine had a guy that would make bets with her that were obviously wrong like Dustin Hoffman was in Star Wars. He was getting a date without having to ask her out. It's a no-lose situation. So in that case, I challenge @D_Will_8_4real to a twitter race, loser buys lunch.
  3. From @lockedonsports comes the following tweet from a DJ out of Miami: @SedanoShow Officially standing pat Or trading for Carlos Boozer in 48 hrs
  4. Does anyone on the Jazz make the leap this year? Or do we know what we have right now? I can tell you who I would like to take a leap.
  5. Holy crap. GI Joe has a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I don't know what to do with this news. No one is giving it glowing reviews, but it's an enoyable flick. I thought for sure it was going to be a steaming pile. Might have to go see it now. I was dead set against it before.

The Downbeat - 4 August - The This Is How We're Going to Hose You Edition

  1. Everyone thinks that the NBA has it in for their team when the schedule comes out. I'm just hoping for a relatively easier end to the season. The Jazz have struggled down the stretch the past couple of seasons with the last couple of weeks being particularly nasty. The biggest shock when the schedule is released? If the Jazz somehow have a home Sunday game.
  2. So it looks like we got our wish. It's been quite a while and we haven't heard a peep from Boozer. Dang it Booze, now you're not giving me enough fodder.
  3. Any guesses for what these numbers mean? 11.1, 10.3, 9.3 -- 25.5, 16.2, 18.5 -- 20.7, 18.6, 19.2
  4. If Booze does end up getting traded, does Deron's assists go up or down?
  5. Besides playing for the team, what would be your dream job with the Jazz?

The Downbeat - 3 August - The 8>3 Edition

  1. If you think 2009 has flown by fast, we just hit wall in August. Longest month of the year. I've been manipulating URLs trying to get the Jazz schedule early.
  2. Thank goodness for @D_Will_8_4real, @KidCoolC, and more. For example, check out Deron giving a guy in a #8 a hard time:
  3. @Collins31 looks like he's also on Twitter.
  4. Who gets the first in-game dunk of the season?
  5. When it's Jazz game night, what's your routine?