The Downbeat - 3 July 2009 - The Independence Day (Observed) Edition

  1. Should Booze get traded, will he have a convenient injury when his team comes to the ESA? Does he become more hated than Kobe? T-Mac? Melo?
  2. O'Connor stated that they planned on keeping Millsap unless it was a ridiculous offer. How come they didn't ask where that line was? He probably wouldn't have said anyway. So what do you think a ridiculous offer is? Poll on the right.
  3. Time to update, (sorry links aren't clickable)
  4. For those in the US, what's your favorite 4th of July tradition? Trivia question... How many countries have a 4th of July?
  5. Programming note... There may or not be a Downbeat on Monday as I will try to take a vacation. Depends on if I have an internet connection on the day. If not, see you all on Tuesday.

The Downbeat - 2 July 2009 - The almost a three-day weekend edition

  1. The KOOF vs. Chuck Norris, who wins?
  2. 5 items every morning is about to get very hard, especially after summer league is done
  3. From ESPN: Sources: Ariza leans toward leaving Lakers. Is he going to get overpaid? Maybe not in this market.
  4. Ben Gordon turned down a 5 year $55M deal last year to stay with the Bulls. He's about to sign with Detroit for about the same. He made about $6.5M last year. So he missed out on about $5-6M last year by not signing. Does that make Hamilton expendable? He has 4 more years left on his deal at $12.6 per. He didn't want to come off the bench last year behind Iverson and I don't see that changing. Not a great three-point shooter, but he can hit a jumper.
  5. The answer to #1? It doesn't matter because Sloan wouldn't play either of them.

The Downbeat - 1 July 2009 - The Canada Day Edition

  1. The Jazz are going to need a lot of support to pay for all of this. Buy lots of Jazz gear. The only safe jersey purchase though is #8.
  2. New poll up on the sidebar. When do you think Booze will get traded?
  3. A better nickname for the opters would have been Ocean's Three. Either you're in or you're out. Right now.
  4. For those that will boo Boozer, shouldn't there be a different word used so that he can't pretend it's just Booze? How about Mill-sap, Mill-sap.
  5. The Orlando Summer league starts on Monday. I just found out that it's not open to the public. That blows.

The Downbeat - 30 June 2009 - I'm going to opt out, regardless

  1. Should Boozer decide to opt-in and stay with the Jazz, it almost certainly will end the Jazz career of Memo and/or Millsap. There's no way the Jazz can pay the luxury tax of an estimated $15 million. That's AK's contract. If Boozer does stay with the Jazz, will fans hate him all year long because Millsap is gone?
  2. Boozer and Memo have tough decisions. You know who's sleeping pretty soundly right now? AK. He will make over $16 million next season, and almost $18M in the final year of his deal. He'll only be 30 when it's over and should be able to get a pretty good-sized contract at that point. Not max of course, but he'll be in a good spot. And don't forget his good looking family.
  3. Now that Korver is staying, I can go forward with one of my t-shirt ideas. I'll have to get it out quickly in case he gets traded.
  5. Goran Suton has both ears pierced? I'm guessing he didn't wear those in his interview. Sloan must have crapped his pants when Suton came into the building for the press conference.

Thank Goodness!!!!!

  1. There is a reason to live in Utah for another year.
  2. I won't have to be in a long-distance relationship.
  3. My KK stickers, t-shirt and hat won't be outdated.
  4. I won't have to cry myself to sleep tonight.
  5. He's just so hot.

The Downbeat - 29 June 2009

  1. Thanks to Shums for the name and thanks for the votes. Johnny 5 is not alive I guess.
  2. Will we learn opt out news today? Now that the draft is over, is there any advantage to waiting until the last minute?
  3. It will depend a lot on who opts out, but who's top on your FA wish list?
  4. Who was bigger, MJ or Elvis?
  5. Apparently everyone in the world saw Transformers 3 times given the billion dollars it has made already. Current player comparisons - Deron = Optimus Prime, Harp = Ironhide, who else you got? Google autobot list wikipedia and cue Linkin Park...

And then there were four

  1. The votes are close. So I'm weeding out the rest. We'll have one more round of voting. So make sure you pick the one you want. Poll is on the right sidebar.
  2. With the King of Twitteronia getting shipped to play with the King, what are the Suns up to now? How about this trade? AK for Jason Richardson?
  3. Draft party at the ESA @ 4:30. I won't be able to make it in person unfortunately. Open draft thread starts at noon.
  4. Sam Young and Jeff Teague are on the board @ #20. Who are you taking?
  5. Starting #jazztweets

Reasons why Carlos Boozer will leave the Jazz

  1. Carlos could make more money at OKC or Detroit. He knows the Jazz will be strapped for cash.
  2. He is being disrespected by Coach Sloan. True Warriors like Boozer get to play in critical minutes.
  3. He's being disrespected by Jazz fans. He knows the difference between boos and Booz.
  4. When things are rough in your life, sometimes it's just better to move and get a new start on life.
  5. He's not the main man on the team. That makes him mad.

Reasons why Carlos Boozer won't leave the Jazz

  1. In his divorce he's asked for the SLC home.
  2. His injuries and recovery time have diminished his value a bit.
  3. He'll likely want to finalize the divorce before signing a new deal. Who knows how long that will take?
  4. More cash if he stays with the Jazz
  5. He may just genuinely like Utah. He wanted the Jazz to draft him when he came out of college.

A few quick things...

  1. Please go to and vote for Deron. It's All-Star time, baby!
  2. Do you think we should all get stickers for our cars that say: "8>3,"?
  3. I'm watching the Cleveland vs. Denver game. LBJ is a amazing.
  4. Melo got a haircut, no more cornrows.
  5. Billups is playing well, I might just beat UtesFan in the Fantasy League this week.