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Hoops Nerd

Recreating my worst Utah Jazz memory - Miachael Jordan’s “The Last Shot”

Remembering one of the worst memories of my Jazz fandom

2023 NBA Mock Draft

We went through the 1st round of picks 1-30 in the NBA draft for 2023

How the Donovan Mitchell trade went down

Exclusive footage of how the Donovan Mitchell trade went down

SLC Dunk Podcast: Talking NBA Draft and Victor Wembanyama with Rafael Barlowe of NBA Big Board

How good are Victor Wembanyama, Scoot Henderson and the Thompson Twins?

The good, the bad, and the purple - taking a look at the new Utah Jazz jerseys

The Utah Jazz released new jerseys and they were met with mixed reaction, but how good or bad were they?

SLC Dunk Podcast: Post Game Reaction to Utah Jazz beating the Dallas Mavericks

A clutch win? Yes!

SLC Dunk Podcast: Post game reaction to the Jazz losing to the Heat

The Utah Jazz are figuring out their weaknesses and hopefully what to do to improve on them