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NBA Preseason: Utah Jazz at Los Angeles Lakers - Game 3

Kirby Lee-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

NBA Preseason 2012-2013, Game 3:

Utah Jazz (1-1) @ Los Angeles Lakers (0-2)

NOTE: This is not the game thread or preview... this is just the normal thread starter needed to start the story stream.

The team flew into the City of Angels late last night after polishing off the Oklahoma City Thunder by 16 points at home. (Yeah, that just happened - hooray for the preseason!) The Lakers have all the star power, but we have the newly svelte Enes Kanter. They have Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol and a lot of silicone in the stands. Luckily Kanter spent all off-season handing that stuff. (...for research purposes...)

The Lakers want a win, and most of their legends are healthy. So what. We know that this Jazz team isn't intimidated by last seasons' Lakers. And this seasons' Lakers are an All-Star cast -- but Tinsletown knows best that a great cast doesn't guarantee a championship. This Lakers team is not built to last. Our Jazz team is though.