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NBA Preseason: Jazz at Lakers - Injury Updates

Jeff Gross - Getty Images

NBA Preseason 2012-2013, Game 3:

Utah Jazz (1-1) @ Lakers (0-2)

Injury Update:

Who knew taking a 20 minute nap would turn into a 2 hour nap? Well . . . now you know why this is kinda rushed . . .

  • In their last game the Lakers kept Kobe Bryant off the floor, but his right shoulder isn't going to keep him out. He'll get playing tonight.
  • Jordan Hill (LAL) is out with a back injury he sustained a few days ago, which compounds the inside problems they have momentarily as Dwight Howard remains on the shelf as well with his own post-op back surgery recovery. This has meant that rookie Robert Sacre has started the last two games for the Purple and Gold. He has been averaging 19.5 MPG, and in that time he's managed just 14 total points and 5 total rebounds in their two previous games. I really want to make fun of that, but our own Derrick Favors has managed just 12 total points and 6 total rebounds this preseason in two games. So. Yeah. Wow.
  • Aside from an already banged up Kobe, and no Hill or Dwight, the Lakers are ready to rumble.
  • The Jazz are still without emotional leader Earl Watson, as he recovered from his off-season knee surgery.
  • Raja Bell is still doing the right thing by staying at home
  • Paul Millsap has an excused family reason to be away from the team right now (Grandmother's funeral)
  • I have no clue what Jamaal Tinsley is up to.
  • And I don't know if Randy Foye has left the team or not to find his missing jump shot . . .