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NBA Preaseason: Jazz @ Lakers Recap - Utah ends first half with wimper, end up winning game 99-86

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NBA Preseason 2012-2013, Game 3:

Utah Jazz 99 @ Los Angeles Lakers 86

Lakers stomp on Jazz for first half, Jazz retake lead in third against Lakers Starters - and don't look back

Let me tell you that it is sweet whenever the Utah Jazz beat the Los Angeles Lakers. And it's better when it happens in LA in front of their fans. The Lakers are a glamor team. They have the biggest stars (both Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash have MVP trophies), and seem to get away with murder on defense. All of that said, I'm most happy for defeating the refs of that last game. The refs were bad. They were not specifically biased (and yes, the Lakers went to the FT line a billion times after the Jazz closed the game to 1 in the 2nd quarter - and finished the half with 22 free throw attempts in 24 minutes); there were bad calls on both sides. Contact and physical play was not whistled consistently, even on guys on the same team. I guess it is normal for Pau Gasol to get away with things Robert Sacre cannot; but Marvin Williams (a good player) was getting called for a lot of fouls while Jeremy Evans was actually fouling people and not getting called.


Beyond the refs though this was an interesting game. It was the first look the Jazz got of the Lakers this year. They are going to be a hard team to beat in the regular season, and have the potential to be a very difficult 'out' in the playoffs this year. The Jazz did not handle the penetration of Steve Nash that well, but to the Lakers credit, they moved the ball around a lot and shared the ball better than I was expecting. It's hard to keep tabs on Nash when you have to keep your head on a swivel for a cutting Kobe, or vice versa. The Lakers scored mostly on spot ups (about 40/60 favoring midrange) and off of cuts. Essentially the offense they ran produced the types of plays I most want out team to try. There were some isloations - but they appeared mostly by Metta World Peace, and not from Kobe. Defensively the Lakers are still super long, and when our team took shots moving away from the basket we were hurting ourselves. (One exception to this rule exists in a Marvin Williams' fade away. I'm cool with that shot.)

When the Jazz were on offense the team was most successful when going to the basket, taking harder shots (save for one key 3rd quarter wheezie) helped the Lakers. Not the Jazz.

The game was not out of reach in the first quarter, but the Jazz were playing from behind since both teams were in single digits. In the middle of quarter 2 the Jazz made a run and were close to tying the game. The Lakers then went on a great run that would have broken last seasons' Jazz team's backs. I'm glad we're a new team this year. A team that is not afraid to come back. The Lakers milked the line going into the half with a big lead. The Jazz did not fold and fought back in the 3rd behind more decisive play from Mo Williams, Gordon Hayward, and others.

Utah retook the lead against the Lakers starters. Let's not forget that. Halfway through the fourth we got a lot of garbage time.

Looking at a quick rundown of the players . . .

  • . . . Marvin Williams had another strong game with 14 points (5/8 fg%, 2/2 from three, 1.85 PPS), and a few boards
  • . . . Gordon Hayward finally shot over 50.0 fg% on his way to picking up another 10 points and a little of everything
  • , , , Al Jefferson almost had a double double in 24 minutes of action
  • . . . Mo Williams was the engine that could all game long, finishing with 7assists against 2 blocks. When he's creating for our guys we are best
  • . . . Derrick Favors had a mediocre game, but he's not quite there year
  • . . . Alec Burks played 8 minutes tonight
  • . . . and Enes Kanter had another double double (14/14) -- wow! Oh, he did that in 20 minutes while shooting 56 fg%? WOW!!

The Jazz have two nights off and then another game on the road against the Lakers. Randy Foye really sucked this game. I hope he does improve. That may mean getting him out there on the court, but with the ball of his hands.

And yes, wooo! In Your FACE LA!

We Wonnnn! You loooossst!


Perseason Bball!