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NBA Preseason: Utah Jazz at Los Angeles Lakers Game 4

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

NBA Preseason 2012-2013, Game 4:

Utah Jazz (2-1) @ Los Angeles Lakers (0-3)

N.B. This is not the game preview, or game thread or whatever .... just the stream starter

Well, the Lakers are still winless this preseason, but have aspirations for the NBA Finals (at least) this season. It does start with a win, and the Lakers fans on ESPN's website seem to think tonight is the night. The Utah Jazz, on the other hand, continue to play hard all game long.

On paper the Lakers have almost all of the advantages, but the Jazz have hart. And they are a surprisingly good road team so far in these games that don't matter. Keep following the thread for all the information on the game . . . and there's going to be a lot today.