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NBA Preseason: Jazz beat Lakers 114-80, Kobe can't to it alone

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

NBA Preseason 2012-2013, Game 4:

Final Score: Utah Jazz 114 @ Los Angeles Lakers 80

The Jazz beat the Los Angeles Select team. Woo! No Mo Williams for the Jazz wasn't much of a problem with Paul Millsap returning . . . to face no Dwight Howard, no Pau Gasol, no Jordan Hill, and no Earl Clark. No bigs for LAL = no problem for the Jazz..

Utah had a 44 to 28 rebounding advantage, and was much more active on defense picking up 12 steals and 7 blocks, causing 16 turn overs and amassing 30 whopping fast break points. These aren't the "Stand and Watch Big Al" Jazz anymore. And I like it. Utah finally shot above .500 fg% in a game, and they did it against a really under-manned Lakers squad. This game doesn't mean anything for the season, but you know Kobe Bryant at least wanted to leave the fans in Anaheim with something to remember -- so we went out and scored 23 points in the third quarter on the way to 31 overall.

The balanced scoring of the Jazz (11 players with 8 or more points) carried the day. Clippers tomorrow.

Longer game recap to come later on,

GO Jazz Go!