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NBA Preseason: Utah Jazz at Portland Trail Blazers -- Injury Updates


NBA Preseason 2012-2013, Game 7:

Utah Jazz (4-2) @ Portland Trail Blazers (2-3)

Injury Update:


Blazers Injuries --

  • LaMarcus Aldridge (PF) OUT -- not injured, but resting. It's the preseason. Meh.
  • Ronnie Price (PG/SG) OUT -- Right ankle sprain, will be out for the rest of the preseason; hopes to come back for season opener vs. the Los Angeles Lakers.


Jazz Injuries --

  • Earl Watson (PG) OUT -- still rehabing his right knee surg. He's running and practicing again.
  • Jamaal Tinsley (PG) GTD -- flew with the team, wants to play tonight -- will see. Wisdom teeth are a major pain though.
  • Raja Bell (SG) N/A -- He's not with the team, but he finally got a chance to tag himself in all his Facebook photos.


Advantage --

No LMA = J.J. Hickson is their only key big. Huge advantage to the Jazz.