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Rudy Gobert thrown out less than 3 minutes into game

Rudy Gobert was called for a foul less than 1 second into the game then another on a flop by Harden then HOOOOO BOY the fun got started.

Apparently, NBA referees gotta protect their integrity by absolutely dragging their integrity threw the dirt. Rudy Gobert who had criticized referees just two games ago for not getting a good whistle—and getting fined by the NBA for doing so—got thrown out less than 3 minutes into the game for two absolute garbage calls.

The first was barely on the tip-off, one second in the game. On an unintentional contact to Clint Capela, Rudy Gobert was called for his first foul.

Message received, right? Not quite. Rudy Gobert was then called for his second foul less than 3 minutes into the game on a ridiculous flop by James Harden. Rudy Gobert then overreacted and hit a cup off the scorers bench. Rudy Gobert was T’d then he had words with one of the referees. The refrees then deemed this worthy of an ejection because WHY NOT? Everything else leading up to this point hadn’t made any sense, so why start justifying yourself now?

Many agreed that the officiating was terrible.

This honestly feels like retaliation by the NBA officials, and that’s not just us putting our tin foil hats on.

There most likely is going to be a Pool Report on this game. We’ll update this story when we receive it.

UPDATE 10:47PM 12/6/2018

Rudy Gobert isn’t going to waste time doing nothing. He’s getting a good workout in. Always time to get yoked.

UPDATE 11:47PM 12/6/2018

I mean ... I don’t think any of should be surprised by this at all. NBA Officials defending their terrible call? You’re kidding.

Kudos to Rudy Gobert for taking responsibility. You could tell he probably had been coached up by Utah PR to avoid yet another fine from the league for criticizing the officials.

Donovan thought it was hilarious, though.

Evidently, all of last year there was only one foul called on the tip-off last year according to ESPN’s Tim MacMahon.