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Guy who never watches basketball says Joe Ingles “can’t guard a barstool’

Colin Cowherd said something stupid ... this shouldn’t be a story.

NBA: Playoffs-Utah Jazz at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s cut to the chase. Repeated hot taker and always misser, Colin Cowherd, said on his program that “un-athletic joe ingles can’t defend a bar stool” in order to discredit Utah so that his not grounded in fact theory of the Lakers being criminally underrated could hold some water—it doesn’t. Do we really need to sit here and pretend that this shock jock who has once said that Donovan Mitchell wasn’t a good jump shooter?

If you’d like to drench your mind in sludge and feel less informed about basketball, the clip is below.

If you use your two eyes and have seen a Jazz game in the past two years, you’d know that Joe Ingles is one of the best defenders not only at his position, but in the entire NBA. See Andy Bailey’s twitter thread below.

So leave it to Colin Cowherd to fall hard for a star name like LeBron like a casual without even watching an NBA game. Congratulations to Colin Cowherd—the Alex Jones of basketball takes—for gracing us with his presence.