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Utah Jazz release updated player heights: Donovan Mitchell now listed at 6’1

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Everyone is at as tall as we thought they were.

Portland Trail Blazers v Utah Jazz Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

UPDATE 2:14PM 10/21/19

The Utah Jazz released the OFFICIAL measurements to the Utah Jazz. They are different. First off, the media guide heights were not the updated listings. Let’s go through the heights that are different. Those who lost more than an inch are in bold.

  • Mike Conley: 6’1 —> 6’0
  • Donovan Mitchell: 6’3 —> 6’1
  • Joe Ingles: 6’8 —> 6’7
  • Dante Exum: 6’6 —> 6’5
  • Royce O’Neale: 6’6 —> 6’4
  • Georges Niang: 6’8 —> 6’7
  • Jeff Green: 6’9 —6’8
  • Ed Davis: 6’10 —6’9
  • Tony Bradley : 6’11 —> 6’10
  • Emmanuel Mudiay: 6’5 —> 6’3
  • Miye Oni: 6’6 —>6’5
  • Nigel Williams-Goss: 6’3 —>6’2
  • Jarrell Brantley: 6’7 —> 6’6
  • Justin Wright-Foreman: 6’2 —> 6’0
  • Those who stayed the same?
  • Rudy Gobert: 7’1
  • Bojan Bogdanovic: 6’8

There are updated weights listed as well. Rudy Gobert is out there tumbling at 258. Dante Exum is now up to 214 lbs, a far cry from his 190 when he entered the league. Donovan Mitchell is at 220. Anyone who watched FIBA saw he had bulked up and at times would get him and Marcus Smart confused. Royce O’Neale dropping to 6’4 is quite the drop and makes you appreciate his rebounding even more, but it does put a question mark on his potential at the four spot.

The Utah Jazz released their media guide which most likely has the updated height measurements of every player according to the NBA’s new mandate to have up to date height measurements of every NBA player. Unfortunately—or fortunately, depending on how you look at it—there were no surprises. Dante Exum is still 6’6. Mike Conley is still 6’1. Donovan Mitchell is still 6’3. The only person who had shrunk or grown was Tony Bradley who was drafted by the Utah Jazz when he was 19.

Tony Bradley grew from 6’10 to 6’11, a full one inch. Someone remind his mother to pencil in the new measurement on their height chart on the wall at home. While much ado was made about the new height requirements, it appears Utah has been drafting and signing people who are as tall—or not as tall—as we thought they were.

Now it’s possible the media guide took the player heights before the re-measurements, but seeing as the NBA wanted all heights to be current and uniform, these new measurements are probably it.

Now we can move on to the regular season. We should find out today who the Jazz decide to carry onto their regular season roster sometime today. If you’re not sure who is still on the roster. We wrote a handy-dandy piece on who is still left after the first few initial cuts and who may be the last men standing on the 15 man roster.