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JINGLES FOREVER: Joe Ingles signs extension with Utah for 1 year/$14M

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The Dad Bod God will be in a Jazz uniform until 2021-2022.

Portland Trail Blazers v Utah Jazz Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

The Dad Bod God himself, Joe Ingles, isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. After a tough season last year as his family adjusted to life with their son Jacob and flirting with the idea of retirement, Joe Ingles is sticking around in Utah not only for the next two years, but one more. The Utah Jazz signed Joe Ingles to a one year, $14 million extension that keeps the thin hair thrilla in a Jazz uniform until 2021-2022 according to Adrian Wojnarowski.

Joe Ingles joins Bojan Bogdanovic as the only two players the Utah Jazz have guaranteed on contract through that year. Though those two will most likely be joined by Donovan Mitchell who will probably be on a max extension contract from his rookie deal and Rudy Gobert who could possibly be receiving a super max.

With Joe Ingles guaranteed to be in Utah until 2021-2022, we only have one question.

Where will the Joe Ingles statue go?