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Frank Layden to receive 2019 Chuck Daly Lifetime Achievement Award

Well deserved award for the Utah Jazz coaching great

Utah Jazz Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images

According to Steve Aschburner Frank Layden will receive the Chuck Daly Lifetime Achievement Award.

Known for his larger than life personality, Frank Layden was a fantastic coach for the Utah Jazz. He was coach of the year for the 1983-84 season and was picked to coach the all-star team that season.

Finishing with a record of 277-294, Layden has massively important to the Jazz in Utah who overcame turmoil in a time when the NBA wasn’t near as profitable and popular as it is today, especially in one of the most unique small markets in the country.

Also known as the coach who passed the baton to Jerry Sloan, he was a big part of the Jazz front office as they entered the famed Stockton and Malone era for years to come.