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First look at Utah Jazz throwback “Purple Mountain” court

It’s finally happening.

It’s really happening.

The Utah Jazz are bringing back the purple mountain jerseys.

There’s been several hints over the past little while that the Jazz would be bringing back one of the most (if not the most) iconic jerseys that the franchise has ever sported. The “Purple Mountain” throwback jerseys from the 1990s in the glory days of NBA Finals runs with John Stockton and Karl Malone, look to be officially on their way back. Donovan Mitchell’s “Mailman” colorway leaked a few weeks ago, hinted at a possible return of the jerseys.

Several people have also confirmed the jerseys through sources of their own.

But it wasn’t until last night that we got our best confirmation yet of the throwback purple mountain jerseys. Some pictures surfaced online, coming from the Jazz Nation fanpage account.

It’s freaking beautiful. The purple and blue snow-capped mountains with copper lining are finally back. These colors and logo represent the best days of the Utah Jazz franchise. The pure nostalgia makes this so awesome, regardless or not if you actually like the look of the jerseys and colors.

It’s not yet confirmed as to what the actual jerseys will look like. It’s possible they replicate the jerseys from the 90s exactly, or they could also do them in some variation in a different format. Either way, the purple mountains are back, baby.

As if we needed another reason to be excited for the season, we got one in this news of the throwbacks confirmed.