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Let’s get physical: NBA teams asked to provide precise height and age for their players

What’s the official height for Dante Exum? Rudy Gobert?

2018-19 Utah Jazz Media Day Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images

The NBA is done with NBA teams not accurately listing the current height and weight of their players. Everyone knows that Kevin Durant is much taller than 6’9 and J.J. Barea is much shorter than 6’0, but we go along with the con. It’s been one of those unspoken weird traditions about the NBA. Guys are going to show up to the NBA combine wearing 8 pairs of socks and the biggest platform basketball shoes they can find in order to pump up those measurements, and then teams aren’t going to update the measurements. NO LONGER.

According to Marc Stein of the New York Times, the NBA has told teams that they must “certify and submit the precise height and age for every player within the first week of training camp.” That sound you hear is Bismack Biyombo sweating about getting questioned about his real age again.

In case you’re thinking that players can game the numbers by wearing big shoes and 10 pairs of Stance socks, that is not happening this time around. Height will be measured with shoes off.

Will players weight be included in these new measurements?

Nope. NBA has deemed that number too much of a moving target because it fluctuates so often. (I can relate)

What does that mean for the Utah Jazz?

The Utah Jazz begin training camp next Monday, September 30th. They will have until October 7th to provide the NBA with their player’s precise measurements. That means soon we’ll know for certain how tall every current Jazzman is. Is Dante Exum REALLY taller than what he was when he entered the NBA 5 years ago? Is Rudy Gobert truly a 7 footer? Is Joe Ingles actually getting younger as he gets older? We’ll get the answers to these questions by October 7th.

What does this mean for the entire NBA?

It will be REALLY fascinating to see in what direction the entire NBA trends as far as real height. Are the numbers inflated to a point that makes us believe NBA players are taller than what they are? Or are enough players keeping their shorter measurements from when they first entered the league as teenagers and 20 year olds that it skews the numbers up? Whatever it is, be sure to keep in your thoughts and prayers as they’re about to have to do a massive update of their entire NBA database.