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FINALLY SOME GOOD NEWS, former Jazzman Deron Williams bails out Dirk Nowitzki

Is it the 2011 NBA Lockout or the 2020 NBA Coronavirus-suspension?

Despite the world needing to be quarantined, sometimes you can’t help but have to call someone to get some help. That was the situation that ex Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki found himself in when he got his van stuck in the mud. Luckily, he knew just the right retired NBA point guard to give him the assist. Former Utah Jazz (JAZZMAN) Deron Williams was there with his truck to get Dirk out of the mud and on his way.

It’s a welcome sight to see a Jazz guard coming to the aid of a big man in these times. Good on you, DWill. Now Purell up and get away from the crowds.